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[SchmitzIT] xF Style Properties Dictionary


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If you're like me, you can never remember where the individual style properties reside, ending up in having to dig around several option groups to find the right one.

Therefore, (and I don't believe that this was done yet), I started compiling a list of the style properties, to provide myself with a searchable list, and during working on the document have figured I could easily use it to document specific styling for sites as well, so I'll be able to provide a full documentation to a client by filling in the values from the actual implementation. If I can remember how to do it, in due time, I might convert the document into a template for that purpose, but probably not until XF goes gold, to prevent me from having to do too much work when things change.

At the same time, some of the notes I made contain some highlighted notes pointing at (mostly grammatical) inconsistencies that might help Kier and Mike by getting this stuff documented, so they can easily address these minor issues and focus on expanding the software, instead :)

Feel free to point out any inconsistencies you might find in the document. I will try and see if I can keep this document up to date as releases progress, though I cannot promise I will always be able to have a new version out right after a release.

I hope this will somehow prove to be helpful to others as well. I'm also very much open for suggestions or improvements.

Please find the full list of Style Proprty Documents in this thread on our forum. Registration required for viewing the attachments:


I attempted to upload the latest copy of the Stryle Properties Dictionary here, but received an error when doing so.

Should you feel a desire to donate to keeping these documents available for free, you can show your appreciation by making a paypal donation to peter@schmitzit.com :)


General - Added "Title Prefix" and "Title Prefix, Hover State".
BreadCrumb- Added "Item Content Title Prefix".
New Property group: "Notices".
"Forum List" renamed to "Forum / Node List".
New Property group: "Node Icons".
Discussion List: Added "Title Prefix".
Message Elements: Added "Generic Attachment Thumbnail"

No changes.

No changes.

No changes.

New Property group: "Login Bar"

Settings: Added "Facebook Plugin Color Scheme".
Header and Navigation: - Settings: Added "Facebook Open Graph Logo".
Sidebar - Added "Avatar List Avatar".
Message Layout - Added "Extra User Info".
Message Elements - Removed "Author Extra User Info".


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Sure, Floris. Have it go through here and not the actual URL? That way you'd always have a link to the most recent version of it, rather than just to a specific file.


Yeah, linking to a file on the Internet is a bad idea ;) No, the whole thread - it invites users to leave comments that way too.

[edit] linked.


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First post has been updated with the latest RC2 version.

Changes include fixing some of my typos, adding the new 'Rich Text Editor Content' property, and documenting a few comments that have gone missing.


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Great resource, thanks for spending the time to build it!

BTW, you are correct in saying that the only style property change for RC2 is the addition of @editorContent.


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Very nice! I sent this to a few people (the link that is) who are building styles for my site. It should prove to be valuable as before we kinda did the "change/save/refresh & see what happens" type of working styles.


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OP has been updated with a changelog for the official releases so far, and the link has been updated. I tried uploading the newest version, but received an error.