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[SchmitzIT] xF Options Dictionary


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As promised in the xF Style Properties Dictionary thread, enclosed you will find a similar file detailing all the options available within the AdminCP.

Basically it is intended to provide a quick oversight for all the available options within the AdminCP -> Options menu. It can also be used to document settings in case you set up a forum for a client.

As in the other file, I have enclosed notes that hopefully will enable Kier and/or Mike to quickly address a few minor issues (mostly spelling related, though with the Options, several options seem to exist in more than one location).

I'll try and keep the documentation up to date with new releases. Please let me know if you discover any inconsistencies or have other comments.

The dictionary for the 1.1.0 Admin Options is attached to this thread. Please find the full list of all Admin Option Documents in the following thread on our forum . Registration required for viewing the attachments:


Enjoy :)

Should you feel a desire to donate to keeping these documents available for free, you can show your appreciation by making a paypal donation to peter@schmitzit.com :)


Performance: New options: "Enable Notices System", "Enable Delayed Insert SQL Queries", "Minify CSS" and "Fetch public templates as files".
Email Options: New options: "Include full message text in watched thread notification emails" and "Include full message text personal conversation notification emails".
User Discouragement: Renamed to User Discouragement and Dscipline. New option: "Add User Group on Ban".
Threads, Discussions and Conversations: New options: "Include full message text in watched thread notification emails" and "Include full message text personal conversation notification emails".
Messages: New option: "Auto-Embed Media Links".
Search options: New options: "Search Minimum Word Length" and "Search for matching users with content search".
New option group: "Admin Control Panel".

Attachments: Added a note to the "Default Image Processor" option.

Performance: New option (Minimum Time Between Lost Password Requests (Seconds) ).
Search Engine Optimization: New option (Enable Google +1 Button).
User Options: New options (Minimum Time Between Lost Password Requests (Seconds) + Use CAPTCHA for Lost Password Form.).
Messages: New option (Enable Inline Editing of Messages).
Attachments: New option (Default Image processor)
External Providers: New option (jQuery Source)

Performance: New option (Update denormalized usernames on username change), removed "option_javaScriptSource).

Performance : New option option_javaScriptSource (bugged - not phrased)

Facebook Integration: New options (Facebook Page Admins, Facebook Like Button Phrase)
Spam Management: New option (IP Information URL)
New option group: External Service Providers



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Updated for today's RC2.
For those who bookmarked the guide, I moved it slightly. If you're looking for the old version of the document, it's been moved to the same location as the new one, just replace RC2 with RC1. Please adjust any bookmarks accordingly.


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Attached the latest version of the document and updated the OP with a changelog and additional info.