XF 1.4 Style Properties disorganized? Or is there a logic?

I've been trying to understand the method or logic behind the Style Properties but just can't figure it out. I keep having to scan the long list of attributes, hard time finding what values to changes to modify a particular section of the forum, etc.

Being this outstanding software, I doubt the developers didn't operate based on logic. But which one? It would be very helpful to understand it. There is a lot of time wasted just trying to find stuff, and then as much time tweaking to find what modifies it.

The ability to colour code or customize the ACP would be great. Placing things under a common heading, a kind of tree, for example:
- header (all the elements in that section of the page)
- navigation (all types of navigation: main, breadcrumbs, etc)
- layout (main container, sidebar, titles, etc.)
- content (main, threads content, discussion lists, etc)
- footer...

Something somebody may already be working on, but even a tree view, if we (I) understand the logic behind the setup of the Style Properties, it would be a good step forward.