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RM 1.1 Route filter for custom tabs


Active member
In the resource manager I created a custom tab called readme, now it's reachable through

I would like to change the path to

Such route filter isn't working. Is there a way to change this path?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
That preposes that your visitors actually care what a URL looks like. Of course they don't. For most people it just looks like a load of mumbo jumbo technical crap. They're not going to need to look at a URL and think, 'oh that looks consistent'. Even if they're sharing the URL in posts, 99% of people really aren't going to care about the difference between:





Active member
Yeah, of course that's right, but I'm a little perfectionist ;) I would like to have everything consistent and appropriate.

For example I translated all urls into German ones (for example "resources/" is now "ressourcen/" or "media/" is now "medien/").