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Right now if you click “new posts,” you are given 7 pages of results. I’ve looked, but can’t seem to locate the setting that allows you to control the number of posts returned. I’d like to increase this if possible.

Am I missing a setting?
The wording of that setting is not very clear at all what it means. Could it be that, say you added 7 days you need to wait a week to see them all?

I could be totally wrong but as it isn’t at all clear just wondering.
This is the number of days to maintain read marking data (such as for threads and forums). Data older than this will always be seen as read.

If it is set to 30 days, any posts older than 30 days won't appear in new posts, even if they are unread.

If only 7 pages are being returned then the value will need to be increased to encompass older posts.
Set it to 30: posts within the last 30 days which are unread will then be returned.

Set it to 60 and it will return unread posts from the last 60 days.
That setting is certainly related, but there's a hard cap on these as well. It's also controlled by the "Maximum number of search/find new results" option.
Unless that has been changed from the default of 200, and posts per page hasn't been changed from 20, it should be returning 10 pages if the cap is reached before the post date.
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