XF 2.2 Trying, Unsuccessfully, To Make Things Disappear When in New Posts

Steve Freides

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In the ACP, under Setup -> Navigation, I have turned off a number of things, e.g., Your News Feed. There are multiple sections here in the ACP: Default, Home, What's New, Members.

But most of my forum users, including me, click on New Posts, and when in New Posts, all the things I turned off appear and I don't want to see them. How can I turn them off there? It's as if I need, but don't have, another section in the ACP to control what appears in New Posts.Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 6.20.02 AM.png

Thanks in advance for your replies - as this is the main way most of us access our forum, it's important.

you can hide it with some css

untested, but try this and put it in the extra.css template

body[data-template="whats_new_posts"] div.p-sectionLinks { display: none; }
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