Can a member choose which category/sub-forums to see in "New Posts"?


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I want the possibility for a member not to see categories/subforums they are not interested in nor have new posts from these categories/subforums listed when they click the "New Posts" button.

Let's say I have a forum about cars.
Categories could be Volvo, Audi, Ford, and so on. In every category, I have subforums like Buy, Sell and Repairing.
People who are only interested in Volvo are not interested in seeing posts about Audi or Ford.
And maybe that same person is only interested in Repairing Volvo.
Then after some time, the same person is interested in selling Volvo, and no longer interested in repairing.
You get what I mean right?

I know that you can make user groups, as with all forums. But it would be too time-consuming for me to edit this manually with each member who asks for it, whenever they ask for it.

What I want is during registration and later in the Profile area, each member can set this themselves.
AND I want some sub-forums to be Default.

I have googled it. And I couldn`t find anyone talking about it.
I used to have vB 15 (+/-) years ago, but I don`t remember if it was possible.
Now after testing out the XF demo I totally adore it. But I couldn`t see a way to do what I want.

This is my reason for not buying yet, so I really hope there is a solution.
I`m Norwegian, English is my 3rd language, so when answering please keep it simple, no abbreviations.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully, you have the answer.


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That's not something which is possible out of the box.

It would be possible with a custom developed add-on.

If it was just for a few forums then it could be done with customer user fields and user group promotions (which would typically be used for an off topic forum), but it's not really feasible for anything more than a few forums.

Tracy Perry

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Pretty sure this is not possible with 3 of the major paid scripts by default (XenForo, IPS, WBB - all of which I currently use) and seriously doubt that vB has the ability.
All would require extension to their core features by having an add-on developed.


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Thank you all for your answers.

@teletubbi Thank you for the link. It`s not what I was looking for, but I have bookmarked it and will spend some more time searching.

If anyone else knows anything more, please let me know.
Since I haven`t bought XF yet I cannot request it be made as an add-on or be included in XF 2


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I think I found what I was looking for.
Based on the link you gave me @teletubbi I searched for "ignore sub-forum"
And I found this [TH] Ignore More
This add-on adds the ability for users to ignore threads and forums.
  • Ignore individual threads on:
    • New posts page
    • News feed
    • Forum list
    • Thread list
  • Access a list of all ignored forums/threads in one place
  • Easily change ignore settings in one place