XF 1.5 Responsive admin control panel

Chris D

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We have been developing the core systems for XenForo 2.0 for some time now and they are coming along well. However, XenForo is a very large project and there are many areas that need to be updated and reimplemented. We want to do our best to be sure it's right and this takes a significant amount of time. Because a lot of this work represents "behind the scenes" changes, we're not at a point where we are ready to show off our work yet. As we get closer to the initial release of 2.0, we'll release additional information.

While the primary target has been 2.0, we decided that it would be best to do an interim release of XenForo 1.5, adding some more commonly requested features and improvements. We're starting the Have You Seen threads today, so head over there to check out the new things as we reveal them. XenForo 1.5 will likely be ready for first testing on XenForo.com by early July with the usual beta process to follow.

Steve F

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Nice work guys :)

Great to see this as I do a lot of support from my phone, and I do actually edit templates regularly on my phone and iPad. Maybe 2.0 can improve on the usability of the ACP editor on mobile. ;)

Mike Creuzer

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I too am glad you aren't rushing 2.0. 1.X is an amazing piece of software, some huge names are just now starting to come over. No rush! :p


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Should there be icons in the admin panel on mobile?

Wouldn't it be better for them to hide on screens below certain dimensions and then for the text to increase in size?

Or if they can't be hidden, how about decreasing their size and putting them along side the text in a similar style to avatars and threads on mobile? Then have the entire row clickable thus making things more compact and easier to navigate.


I'm quite happy with rellect's responsive admincp. I'm glad this will now get support in the core though. One less addon to worry about.