Add-on [Request] Paypal Shop which triggers PM

Hey guys! I am in search of a quote to have an addon like this made. I would like to also hire someone who would be able to make this for me.

How it works:

Basically, I would like to have a few features integrated into resource manager, however, instead of needing to upload a file or provide an external URL, I would like a user to be able to provide any number of custom fields for their product. They would also provide a title, description, etc as per usual. Secondly, when the seller submits an item, I need to be able to invoke a custom PHP method with the custom field values as params. (This is for validation, for example if they provide a runescape login, it would post to check if the account is legit, else it prints an error to the user). I also need to ensure the quantity cannot be changed from 1. Lastly, when the buyer purchases this item, it is automatically removed from the marketplace and the user receives a PM with a custom message which allows for the custom field variables to be added. E.G

Hey {buyer}!

Thank you for purchasing {productName},

Here is your code!




Sincerely, Pablo.

I think the best way to do this would be to integrate a custom addon with Resource Manager, as it already has the marketplace, categories, etc. I just really need to be able to invoke a PHP method, and send a PM on purchase with the custom fields.

Thanks for reading! I tried to type this as best as I could!
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