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I'm currently considering buying Resource Manager as an alternative to what we currently do for our catalogue of products.

My forum uses AirTable right now which is essentially a list of products that can be bought in our game (So in terms of the resource manager, this would be using the type: fileless).

This isn't ideal as we'd like to get everything as standard and on Xenforo directly without using 3rd parties. I have been doing some testing on the demo and it's looking like a viable solution but I just have a few questions:

1. Is there a limit to how many resources can be added? I figure this is probably just going to be down to the server/hardware as to what it can handle but thought it was worth asking. From the off, we'd be looking to import 4,000+ items. I have checked on some forums, including this and I know XF has 3k resources currently.

2. From an accessibility point, AirTable is great. It's simply a row that shows the product name, price, year it came into service. The only qualm I have so far with Resource Manager out-the-box setup is that you have to click into the resource to see any custom fields. Is it possible / easy enough to customize the resource list to show custom fields on the front screen?

I.e. on this screen, instead of rating, would show the price. Which as we're fileless, we would need it as a custom field as we do not take any real money from this. Along with a couple other fields, I figure it may be editable on a template(?)

3. In terms of importing, I've been looking and have seen that a custom importer would be needed. Is there anyone that has had experience with importing resources and an idea of the cost they were quoted to make it happen?

Thank you in advance!
4,000 resource entries won't pose any problems.

I haven't checked but it's possible the custom field data isn't exposed on the resource list page view, so it would require an add-on.
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