XF 2 Changes to Resource Manager add-on


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We need an experienced developer to make some changes & add new features to Resource Manager add-on:

Some of the changes we need atm:

-Screenshots Section:
  • Seperate upload area for image files only
  • Use slider/js based pagination for the images
  • On click, show the standard xenforo modal to see the full image
  • Positionable on the overview tab (position changing doesn't have to be coded, we can change this via template files)

-Allow versioning/history/changelogs/etc for "no file" resource types

-"No file" types should contain BBcode, and have their own "Downloads" tab, listing previous versions and be paginated (similar to the "Updates" tab)

-[TH] Covers integration, be able to set a cover when you add/edit a resource, and option to 'require' the user supply a cover

-By default, the resource icon should be a cropped version of the "Cover" from the [TH] Covers add-on

-Remove "Additional information URL"

-Remove "Tag line" requirement, instead use a truncated version of the description text

-For resource fields, add a "display location: none" option, which would allow us to place the field in a custom location by editing the template files

-Add discussion thread's reply count in brackets to the "Discussion" tab on the resource navigation

-When releasing a new version, "post an update" should always be required and not optional. "Update title" should be removed, instead use the "New version number" as the "Update title"

-Resources must use the same (existing) tags and prefixes as threads
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