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  1. P

    Add-on [Request] Paypal Shop which triggers PM

    Hey guys! I am in search of a quote to have an addon like this made. I would like to also hire someone who would be able to make this for me. How it works: Basically, I would like to have a few features integrated into resource manager, however, instead of needing to upload a file or provide...
  2. Mystinen Metsätyömies

    Add-on Automatic PM when first thread on certain forum?

    Does anybody remember if there is an addon with this functionality? - when user creates a new thread on certain forum he/she will receive private message from administrator - the message is preconfigured containing some useful information for the thread starter - administrator can select what...
  3. charleskirkland

    Turn off messaging free members.

    I have a free members level and I want to turn off messaging for that level. When it tested it before I had a lot of spammers coming in and PM members and it created a bad user experience. Can I turn off messages for free members, but still allow them to PM the admin.
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