Request for Kier to make a member video.


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Okay, this isn't really an addon request.

Here's my request...

Kier has made some very nice videos for admins to show us how the forums differ from other forums we use. "How to's," so to speak.

I am ready to unveil my new Xenforo forums to our members but I am worrying about the learning curve. They didn't like it much when we went from vB3 to vB4.

I am hoping that someone on the XF team could make a "end user video" explaining the features of Xenforo and how it differs from the other forums script. Something that covers the upload system, likes, and how clicking on the thread in the search results takes you to the first new post, and how the new word for PM's is conversations, how to add multiple participants to a conversation and how the "follow a thread" & "watched threads" work. Just the basic changes in Xenforo...something we can post on our forums when we decide to go live to give our members a video tutorial, so to speak.

Kier has done lots of good videos for us admins, but there is nothing for our members, in the way of videos, that I could find and they will need it a lot more than us admins will.

I think this would ease our least for our members.


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Good idea! I've said it before, but those videos could sell me on pretty much anything.
[Kier voiceover] For a really fun birthday party theme, fill your home with live bees!
[Me] *Googles buy bees in bulk*


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Any Experienced mod could make a video for us....

Leave Kier to his codes :D there are still few bugs.. we need an exterminator :D

steven s

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It is probably too early for a how to video as I expect there will be changes by the time it's deemed stable.


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Good point. Any experienced mods up for this challenge?

I still like the way Kier does them.
I am not up to Kiers talent level, but videos are on my list of things to do. I need to go get a decent microphone.

What I intend is for some videos for our site, but I might do one for as well (or at least attempt it).


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Dean, If you do end up making some videos, make them site neutral if you can, referring to it as the new Xenforo software, not forums. That way, anyone can use them.

We appreciate all you (and all the mods) do moderating the forums and helping to alleviate the load on the top brass so they can focus on a stable release of Xenforo.