XF 1.5 How to make a sticky first post in a merged thread, and why I ask for this

Marco Famà

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hey Brogan / XF team,

I have seen so many posts since 2012 of people asking for this, and I'm not sure XF has implemented something natively (which I prefer) or not.
Basically, I believe there might be from time to time, the need to stick a post at the beginning of a thread, not necessarily replicating it on every thread page of course.

The reason why I ask this is:
  • let's say people are opening several threads with very similar topics
  • too much fragmentation > I want to merge them
  • let's say now there are:
    • Post A, dated 2014
    • Post B, dated 2015 << this one is amazing, and contains the best info etc
    • Post C, dated 2016
  • Now, what as an admin I'd love to do, is to open myself a thread in 2017 (Post D, with a first message of mine introducing the topic and why we should all discuss Post A, B, C there only) let's say, and merge all of them into one.
What happens is: xenForo will automatically merge all threads creating a "single Post D" which would NOT start with my introduction, but with the Post A, then B C and finally D (which would look stupid).

So.. hoping I was able to give an idea of what I'd love, is there any chance you would solve this somehow?
My only workaround would be to hack the database and pre-date my post to 2013 for example, but that looks weird and dumb right?

thanks for your attention

Marco Famà

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So this is not even in the roadmap, Brogan? :(

how are the other forum platforms actually doing it? I thought it'd be easier at the beginning, than I saw requests from your clients since some years and realised maybe this will not be done soon :(

thanks anyway


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I believe there are add-ons to pin a post as top across multiple pages. You could use this to bump said post to the top but, as you stated, you don't want this to appear on every page.

You'd need an add-on to manipulate the post position to push it to position 0 regardless of date.

Marco Famà

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hey @James
very kind of you thanks!

Or I'd say I would need some very simply hack tool to manage posts date/time uh? Are you able to tell me where I can find posts and timestamps on the xf DB? @Brogan any input to hack this? In the end, I'd need it for just a couple of posts..