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XF 1.2 Reports to forum: How do I change the report thread title? (to add reportee)


Formerly CyclingTribe
We send reports to a moderators forum and I'd like to change the thread title of report threads so they include the name of the reportee.

Is there a template or phrase I can change to achieve this?

Shaun :D


Formerly CyclingTribe
Thanks Jeremy. I thought I'd read somewhere (when the feature was announced) that the templates would be available in the ACP - shame they're not. :(


Formerly CyclingTribe
Okay, for anyone else who'd like to do this:

Edit phrase: reported_thread_title
New phrase: Reported Content: {title} - reported by: {reporter}

Will this be overwritten on upgrade?


Formerly CyclingTribe
Just realised I left the reported poster off the thread title - so here's an update phrase for anyone referencing it:

Reported Content: {title} by {username} - reported by: {reporter}