Lack of interest Replace the flash uploader

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I have been creating a gallery and downloads area for one of my sites and am starting with a simple browser input field for uploading. So no flash but with JS.

I didn't want to do the whole ajax template coming up with the input field like is done with attachments so messed around a bit and am doing it a different way which I think would be better for XenForo as a whole.

In XenForo you have your 3 buttons. Submit, Upload and a 3rd one that changes. To create a button that works similar to the flash upload button simply create the file input below the submit and 3rd button but in front of the upload a file button. Then give it opacity: 0;. Few margins here and there and some JS so the :hover gets added to the button under the input[file]. But basicaly the end result is a button that you click that works the same as the flash button minus all the features you get with flash. Use your ajax from there and add your file.

I can explain better if you like but you should get the idea.
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It will be in my gallery when I release it but won't be the same stuff as what would be needed for attachments, they will need more CSS to get it all right.


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What I am working on now is a free, fairly simple, image gallery. Nice uploading, categories, images in categories, ajax things here and there. Just something I need for one of the projects I work on. In the future I will create a fully featured image gallery and charge for it, if I have time that is.

So yes, it will be released on XenFans fairly soon and once it is stable enough released on these forums.


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I like the idea of not using flash as it can save a lot of issues for users. I personally like the way that the attachments upload on here. Not sure why you would need something more than that, unless I am missing something.

One thing I know people on my forum (high gallery usage and completely IT illiterate users) get frustrated with is ease of uploading multiple images. Is this something your likley to be incorporating? Just curious from an "Im impatient and want to get my forum onto xenforo last week" point of view :D LOL


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One thing I know people on my forum (high gallery usage and completely IT illiterate users) get frustrated with is ease of uploading multiple images. Is this something your likley to be incorporating?
I'm not sure it could be made any easier than it already is.

Click on Upload a File
Highlight the files
Click on Open

Inserting into posts is equally as easy thanks to the "Insert every image as a..." functionality.


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What I am talking about is making the JS fallback look and work similar to the flash uploading. Currently the JS fallback opens up an overlay and uses browser <input type="file" /> stuff there. It also gives some info on file size and type which the flash one doesn't give because it will only show the valid file types (dunno what it does with size) which is possibly the reason it is done like that. All my suggestion does it make the JS fallback work the same as the flash uploader minus the extra features JS can't do (without php plugins etc anyway).

Adam Howard

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This would make for a good alternative as it uses jquery and html5. Of course can also be incorporated into css3

Of course you're welcome to seek out any other alternative. The general suggestion (and point of this thread) is simply that sometime in the next version that the flash upload be replaced.

Reasons to remove flash uploader
  • Flash has been discontinued in Linux
  • Flash is not supported in mobile devices (not widely)
  • Flash can easily be exploited (security)
  • Flash can be resource heavy
This was originally talked about here, but never officially made as a suggestion.