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Right I've already searched for the answer to this but I don't think it is what I'm looking for so here goes.

When I migrated VBgallery to XMG the images I have are all small (400x400) rather than the larger (original size of 1024x 1024).
this isn't a fault of the importer but rather a fault due to the previous gallery storing more than one image with the same name and title "original".
In anycase this is the kind of mess i've come to expect from any software of Photopost. So I have over 12,000 original images that I can upload one by one if anyone could be as kind to tell me how I can replace the file already in the gallery.
the file names will be the same, except i vae the larger file and the smaller files are now showing in the XMG.
Any help would be great thanks.


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Man that is a serious lack of vision.
OK so I have to trash the whole gallery, re-build the photopost, update the images (12,000) to the correct size and then re-import the whole lot again. Is that what needs to be done?

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I don't think there's a lack of vision. One wouldn't necessarily anticipate the need to replace an entire gallery's worth of images.

Ultimately I don't really understand why they were imported at a smaller size but, unfortunately yes, it may seem like the import will need to be re-done if you want to display the correct images.


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I was referring to the lack of vision when it comes down the need to replace an image with a better quality one. This is common place when galleries are used as historical libraries, when the initial picture uploaded is the only available image, later a better copy of the image could become available, but by then the original image has comments (in this example historically important) and other stats that would be lost as the image was replaced.
The small image import isn't the fault of GMX it is bad scripting on the part of Photopost and their lack of universally recognised structuring. In a desperate attempt to leave such a poorly written and supported script I was willing to upload and replace images rather than try and correct the old gallery, in the hope to have it up and open by Christmas.


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Good news... I just finished rebuilding the old gallery and now have migrated across to xmg.
All the images are correct and as far as I can see the comments and stats are fine too.
Can I remove the old Vbulletin and VBgallery from the server and remove the tables from the database now that I've migrated or are they still needed thanks.
I'm asking as it is quite a big board and I want to speed up the database by dropping unused tables and make space on the server by deleting old directories.

Good to finally over the bridge :)


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Can I remove the old Vbulletin and VBgallery from the server and remove the tables from the database now that I've migrated or are they still needed thanks.
Yes, you can remove them as they are no longer needed.

However, take a backup unless you are absolutely sure you will never need the content again.


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Yes backup :)
That’s excellent news thank you all so much for being patient with me, we’ve finally slayed the old VBgallery… Long live the gallery ;)