XF 2.2 Image Proxy: some images are broken


I have the following problem with the image proxy. I set up an external image proxy, which loads most of the images. Now the problem is that some images in the same thread are not loading. They are shown as broken. Although the images are from the same domain, one is displayed correctly and the other is not. I noticed this in my news area, where I use the Xenforo article function. The first image, which is also the cover image, is usually not loaded. The other images after that are already loaded. When I test the proxy image in the ACP, it says it loaded successfully. Under file size in the settings I specified 0. What could be the reason? I'm on the latest Xenforo version.

Small note: I have set up a backup of my forum on a development server, which also loads the images via the proxy, but I don't use an external proxy there. Everything is displayed correctly there.

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