XF 2.2 Warning functions are broken/not working properly? (Cloud server)


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Hi. I have a strange issue with Warnings on my forum.

For starters, Public Warnings are not displaying properly for users. They appear to be breaking more or less at random; some users can see public warning icons on their posts. Some guests can't see those same warnings, while some other users can't see the warnings. Basically, two people with the exact same permissions might see two different things.

To try and fix this, I installed Warning Improvements by Xon. However, all this did was remove the option to add Public Warnings to warning messages at all. When I disabled the add-on, the Public Warning option remained disabled.


Can anyone explain why this is happening? It's very frustrating and has been causing issues because users haven't been able to see public warnings and haven't been aware that certain activities are discouraged, leading to community disruption.

Quick edit: Before I installed the add-on, moderators and admins could see all warnings by default, no problem. Only users with permissions lower than Moderator had issues. Currently public warnings aren't visible for anyone, period.
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