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Ryan Kent

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I love Shelley's work and decided to register at her forums. It was my hope to preview the top secret smiley project but alas, I was thwarted by her security system. She has disabled registration on her site which is fine, but it took me a while to figure out what was going on.

First I visited the site, saw the large SIGN UP NOW button and pressed it. I was prompted to enter my username/pw. The "Do you already have an account? yes/no" part was missing, so I entered my desired username/pw thinking that would start the registration process. Instead I receive the error "The requested user cannot be found" and then am prompted to "Log in or Sign Up".

I tried several things not sure what was wrong and ultimately, I entered a username and left the password field blank. It was then I received the "New registrations are currently not being accepted" message.

I would suggest when an admin selects to not accept registrations that the SIGN UP NOW button be removed from the forums. Also adding a "not accepting new registrations" message would probably be helpful at the login screen where a user enters his or her username/pw.


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As a quick fix, the variable $xenOptions["registrationSetup"]['enabled'] shows whether registration is enabled (showing true/false) - you can use this as a quick fix.

Template syntax will be {$xenOptions.registrationSetup.enabled}.

Example of use would be to display an important message if registration is disabled.
Forum_list template:
<xen:if is="!{$xenOptions.registrationSetup.enabled}">
    <div class="importantMessage">
        We have disabled registrations at the moment. Please try again later.


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If you disable registrations on a non-modified style, it should turn all the references into "log in" links only (though there was one place that seems to have been missed in 1.0.0). I suspect that the "sign up now" button is on her site due to template modifications.

Ryan Kent

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I just forced my site into default style and turned off registrations. I still see the Sign Up Now button. I'll leave my signups closed for a bit in case you catch this post and want to experiment. My site is

I also confirmed I have 0 modified Default templates.


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Ahh, that's the location that got accidentally overwritten it seems. (I thought it was the tab at the top.)

Ryan Kent

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Ah good. I didn't care how you were beating up on the poor defenseless smiley girl :cool:

So it's official? I found my first bug?! After so many failures it smells like.....VICTORY!

Thx Mike. Putting my site back to open registrations and my Flexile style.