XF 1.5 Reinstalled Xenforo Need to move over Addons


Hello I have reinstalled Xenforo because i had a corrupted addon.
I have data in my addons that i do not want to lose such as gallery items and pictures.
How do i move over these addons and information without losing the files so that i can access them again on the site?


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Please don't submit tickets and threads for the same issue simultaneously - it results in a duplication of effort.

As I responded to the ticket, in general it's not possible to restore or import data and content related to add-ons.

For the Media Gallery, Resource Manager and the third party add-ons, you will need to create the content again.


I just installed the media gallery but there are a lot of places to import from
Can you tell me which one of these is the right one for xenforo?
I have only a xenforo site and installed the media gallery so i am not usre which of these to use to import.
is it xenforo 1.2+
or xfr Media gallery etc?


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There is no importer within XenForo Media Gallery that imports from itself; those are importers from other systems (or unofficial add-ons).