I need to move servers, looking for suggestions


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Is DirectAdmin good compared to cPanel and Plesk? That is what KnownHost has.
I am not aware of that sadly, but if your host is offering you that than your host abilities should be good with usage of that panel and would be able to handle your queries related to direct admin efficiently.

Here I would say listen to your server manager. ;)


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Got the forum moved last night. I am extra exited because my server specs are now WAY higher, but only for about $9 more a month, because of the 30% off lifetime discount they are offering. I'm also excited to move to DirectAdmin from cPanel.


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I use;

Yes, it is physical servers but they are amazingly priced for the amount of raw performance you get. There is provisioning time, and you need to ensure the server is working as expected (mistakes can be made), but you get absolutely insanely good performance for even the low end Ryzen-based servers.


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Yes the accounts can be removed.

But if you still wanna use FTP.

1. Configure firewall on FTP port.
2. Whitelist your IP if you have static IP and disallow others.
3. Change FTP port.
I just turn off all open ports except the ones I need. No reason to constantly allow 21/22 to be open, as to why they are closed until I want to access and then enable them in the firewall (both on the VPS and with the host's firewall so there are 2 layers of protection).