XF 1.5 Reimport All except attachment from vBulletin 4.2


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we are getting ready to move from vB to XF. We imported our data from vBulletin in, done our tweaks on languages phrases, style and so on.

Now it's time to reimport our data, since new posts and threads have been opened.
Since we have ~100GB of Attachment on vB, it took us during the 1st import about 7 hours to finish importing Attachments.

Question: Is it possible to import ALL but attachments? I have Stopped Attachment upload on our forum.

IDEA is:

1/ Backup the following tables: xf_attachment, xf_attachment_data and xf_attachment_view (enough?)
2/ Move internal_data folder outside XF directory
3/ DROP ALL XF Database tables.
4/ Install XF
5/ Import Style, Language
6/ Run importer and import everything, skipping the Import Attachment step.
7/ Restore xf_attachment, xf_attachment_data and xf_attachment_view DB tables
8/ Move internal_data folder back to the XF directory.

Will this work?

Thank you
It's possible it will work as long as all of the associated data and IDs hasn't changed since the first import.

One thing which won't be accounted for is attachments which have subsequently been deleted in VB - they will still remain in the database and file system in XF, although they won't be visible in the posts.
Thank you for the rush reply. I don't think there is IDs change in our case, but maybe some attachments have been deleted. I will double check. Then give it a try.
Actually, I've just remembered that there is an attach_count in the xf_post table (plus likely other tables/fields which are involved, conversations, etc.).

So it's probably not going to be as simple as first thought.
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