XF 2.2 Problem with Importing vBulletin Attachments.

Arun Kumar

Source vBulletin Forum: 4.2.3 PL2

Attachments are currently being stored in the filesystem at /home/*****/public_html/attachment

The Import was successful without any errors but all the attached Images are still in Vbulletin Format.

Example link after the Import: http://www.example.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=968756&d=1620319787

As many users with similar issues suggested moving the files to the database, this breaks the Vbulletin site.

One More thing, we noticed with the Import, Unless, we make this change to the Import file,


The attachments are mismatched after the Import.

Tried upgrading to vB5, , tried almost every possible thing, still Attachments are not getting Imported.
We've responded to the ticket about this, though based on the message, it seems that the issue is more that you need to setup redirects for the old URLs.
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