XF 1.5 Receiving No Upgrade Available


I am currently upgrading from 1.1.4 but receiving "No Upgrade Available" after uploading files of upload folder. I have done it twice, not sure where things are going wrong?

Please help.


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Either you have uploaded the files to the wrong location or server caching is preventing the new files from being served.
well i have uploaded files in same location where previous installation was installed. I can see new files there using FTP, how can i get rid of server caching or should i remove internal_data/install-lock.php file?


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Do not remove install-lock.php unless you intend on reinstalling (and removing all data). I don't think you want that.

If you're positive the files are uploaded in the correct location -- overwriting the old files -- then it will be the PHP opcode cache not refreshing on file changes. Restarting the web server/PHP-FPM should clear that up.