XF 2.0 Upgrade message on forum when no upgrade

Hi there guys i seem to be getting these weird messages as i've just tried to upgrade a test forum that i'm trying things with from version 1.5 to the new version 2. (both fresh installs)
Then when i got to the upgrade screen there was a no upgrade message.
Anyone else get this message as well?
That URL reports that the board is closed for me at this point, but did you complete the upgrade by going to http://www.suzannelolsen.com/forum/install/ ? If not, then that message would be expected as the upgrade hasn't been completed.
What had initially happened before doing the fresh install is that i had upgraded it and it wouldn't upgrade. In the end i fixed it up by re-doing it.
Have got the board closed for testing.
Yes i did go to that and it this message after it "this board is upgrading. please come back later". Had that message going for a week.