XF 2.2 When user upgrade is applied the additional user group doesn't show on the user record.

I've done this successfully on another forum in the past so I feel like I'm losing my mind here.

So I have a user upgrade in place, and user group in place. The user upgrade is assigned to an "Additional user groups:". When a user is put into this user upgrade and I go to that user's record, there is no banner or additional group their put into.
What am I missing here? I've been messing around with it and comparing to another site I own and cannot find what's causing this.
Thank you so much in advance

EDIT I figured it out. I deleted the the node permissions, user group, and user upgrade and changed the order of creating items.
When creating everything in this order everything worked as it should:
  1. Create user group
  2. Create user upgrade
  3. Assign node permissions for group
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