XF 1.3 Really slow install/un-install add-ons

Its REALLY slow. I've got the Aperture Theme, XenPorta and Edit Post Dates add-ons installed. The other day after a fresh XenForo install it took 5 mins to install the Aperture Theme, today it was still processing an install after over an hour?!
After that completed its now been re-installing XenPorta for 45minutes...

Is there anything I can do to speed this up as it seems excessive to me? Or is this normal with the things I have installed?
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The time will increase based on the number of add-ons and styles but that is excessive.

Are you on shared hosting or VPS?

What are your server spec's?
You may need to increase the spec and/or tune the server.
You'll have to bare with me, I'm not right up to speed on all of this. What I know right now is that I'm on cloud based hosting which uses Linux... server specs I have no idea I'm afraid, I can ask my hostings support if theres something specific you need to know.

Actually ... looking at their support site ... its XenForo :) I'll post back here the results of the ticket with them ...
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Not getting anywhere as yet, my host has increased the memory to 512mb which hasnt made any difference.
My hosting is cloud/shared.

Doing a little reading would it be faster to rebuild on my PC and upload after?


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You can't do the rebuild locally.

The issue with this is almost certainly slow I/O. MySQL optimization would be a significant element, though possibly just at the filesystem level. These are really outside the scope of XenForo itself (and it's doubly tricky in a VPS environment, as you're potentially at the mercy of the host/hypervisor).


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Not getting anywhere as yet, my host has increased the memory to 512mb which hasn't made any difference.
My hosting is cloud/shared.
Personally, I wouldn't run XF in anything smaller than 1G of Ram. But your CPU slice (speed) can make a difference also, as will I/O (writing and reading from disk).

My 1G VPS is quite slow on the add-on installs. Maybe 2-4 minutes on some of them.
Mines over an hour... Its killing me!

Is there such a thing as a cheap VPS host? My current host would be £39.99 p/m for a VPS, thats a no go sadly.


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Lots of them!

The problem becomes whether you need some admin and management - make sure you choose one that has it, because otherwise you are 100% on your own in terms of installing, troubleshooting, etc.
Oh boy this got a whole lot more involved (and expensive) than just having a awesome forum for my hobby! :(
I dont even know what to look at, OS's, control panels, 32 or 64 bit ...

Oh and it snow over an hour and a half uninstalling an add-on. I feel a little sad.
My current shared hosting is £50 a year too (irrelevant I know) . Will wait and see what response they give tomorrow, there must be a solution as I would imagine plenty of other XF admins are also on shared hosting.
Also to be fair my host has been really great at working out issues in the past. Fingers crossed.