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Is there a way to re-run a particular step of the import process? I want to re-run the poll import again, without having to do all of the steps prior to it.

Doing this, I would be able to work out why my polls are failing to import correctly in much less time.

I'm thinking the poll stage is recorded as complete by the xf_import_log table?



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You could hack it via the import session record in the data registry, but you'd need to know how to change it. I suppose you could take a DB backup before running the import step and restore that after running it.


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I'm having trouble getting polls to import correctly (this is importing from MyBB 1.6).

The poll stage completes, but the poll results do not display as I would expect (i.e. they don't match as they would appear on the source forum). I have rebuilt the poll cache.

To clarify, for each discussion with a poll, the poll question seems to be correct, as do the possible answers, but the results themselves are not. When I say results, I mean the integers don't match the poll question.

I've run the poll stage multiple times with no success.

At this point, I should say my MyBB installation wasn't typical as such, but the database is entirely functional and the front-end of the source forum display polls correctly.

Two things:

1.) I had to remove a duplicate poll entry from the "mybb_polls" table because two rows referred to just one thread. The imported continued without error after I did this.

2.) I had to modify the MyBb.php file to remove empty values because my database contained an extra delimiter on the end, resulting in an extra poll option (maybe this is where my problem lies, but maybe not)

Both of those two things are mentioned in my other thread: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/importing-polls.68844

Any advice on this would be helpful, but I realise it might be a somewhat special case - thank you.
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