Duplicate  [RC2] Moderation Queue / Post Count Bug


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Today, I've upgraded my forum to RC2. After a while, I modified the permissions of one of my forums to "moderate all messages" mode Via admin control panel.

After a while, a member registered at my forum, then started a new thread in the forum that I modified the permissions. ( above goes more in-detail )

The member only posted one thread and once I accepted it, it was counted as 2 posts. ( although if you do a search, you'll see only one post )

Anyone noticed this yet in RC2?


I believe it counted 1 post when the message was sent and 1 post when it was accepted using the moderation tools.


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I have not been able to reproduce this.

These are the steps I took:
  1. Have two users logged-in in two different browsers, on normal registered, another admin/moderator.
  2. Navigate to a moderate-all-new-posts forum
  3. Have the registered user post a new thread
  4. Use the admin to run the Rebuild Board Totals Counter via ACP Cron Entries
  5. Refresh the forum home page and observe that the number of messages has not changed
  6. Use the admin to approve the post made by the registered user
  7. Return to the ACP and rebuild board totals counter
  8. Refresh the forum home page and observe that the number of messages has increased by one.


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Sorry for the late reply, but it seem it's still happening on RC3. The above doesn't help much..

Log into my bot's forum account :

Username : iBot
Password ( randomly used ) : tee762

Find this member ( one of the members that posted in the moderated queue forum ) : http://www.iwebbuddy.com/community/members/jackhooper.278/

The user only has 1 post in the forum, while it says that he/she has 2 posts in the forums...

If you need administration access, send me a private message and I'll have it set up for you, to test things out, ;)


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This actually came up in a later bug report and we were able to reproduce (and fix) it - I think Kier missed that you were referring to the user's post count.


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Oh! Thanks for the information. Is it possible for you to tell me the fix for it?

I've upgraded to RC3 a while ago, but I'm still having this problem..