Can't fix Quote bug


Formerly Wuebit
found this bug on a post on my site someone wrote this

Приветствуй, товарищу!

as you can see it shows just fine But if you quote this it change's (some of the letters change)
and if you try to copy and paste from the quote it will show up right


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Apart from the quoted content being italicised, it's identical.

My screenshot shows that.

Luke F

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Almost all the characters are corrupted for me, and confirmed by my brother who knows a bit of russian. The unquoted text in the OP is fine however


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Ah interesting.
It's to do with the style.

It's fine in XenVetana but not in the default or fixed width, which both use a different font.


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This is down to the font. I suppose we could change the font, though interestingly none of the Russian translators had reported this. Changing the font is a really blunt tool for this.