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As my site is a fansite,I would be interested in a quiz addon that would allow me/staff to create quizzes for the members to complete. These Quizzes could be linked to a discussion thread on the forum and the trophy system. I would also require a leaderboard.

Anyone else interested in this? or willing to make it?


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I'd like to see this as well, especially if it supported placing a user into a specified secondary group upon passing or failing. In fact, I would donate money(USD) to see this happen. If someone decides to take this on, please let me know so that I can follow progress...


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I would love this too. Please keep me/ us informed on this thread.


1. 3 types of answer - radio button (single answer) - tickbox multiple answers - textfield write the answer freely OR set number of characters for specific answer.

2. Grading on percentage or ABCD?

3. Automatic grading on simpler quizzes with Y/N or radio button answers/ maybe textfield includes keywords.
Partial auto grading - if most questions were auto; selected questions need manual checking?

4. A version of the type of quiz to compile the results to tell you that you belong in a certain category. e.g. personality quizzes / What type of lover are you? That kind of thing.
Questions are weighted with numbers and the quiz adds them up.


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Anyone have a quiz add-on?
Sort of like the polls except it keeps track of your score, questions answered and possibility for awards and titles based on combination of score and number answered. And you can see it in your profile.


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+2 for this...I have an old deserted vb quiz addon which if anyone is interested in converting to XF would be a great mod for here


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It would be ab amazing add on, Hint hint add on creators. Charge a few dollars, whatever, but we'll buy it. ;)

Chris D

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I'm not saying I'm interested in making this, but what does this look like? What features would it have? Has anyone got a working demo of the mentioned quiz add-on on vBulletin I can try out?


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