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Quite a few questions about features / add-ons that might have these features

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by Nat47, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Nat47

    Nat47 New Member

    I've tried to read as many of the FAQ pages and stuff as I could, but I really haven't found answers. I'm willing to pay for these features if they can be implemented and don't exist, but if you can give me an idea of the cost that would be really great.

    During registration have a selection option that places the user into a permanent group (unless admin changed). Personally, I want affiliate, publisher, and other. And I want to display it under their username.

    Allow a user to have control over his referrals. Example referrer could limit what forums their referral can see when logged in even if these are publicly viewable. (Yes, this is actually an important feature so that the referrer can 'focus' the referral)

    Blogs. I've tried to look up the plugins for blogs and its not clear quite how they work. I want each and every user to be able to start their own blog, not just create blog posts under a category. I really want a url structure like www.example.com/MyBlog or www.example.com/blog/MyBlog to have the user's blog posts like a normal blog and with the ability for the user to name his blog. There needs to be different blog categories. But then, post categories should be global so www.example.com/category-base/post-about-category-base shows all posts by everyone in that category. It would be amazing if each user could customize certain things about their own blog page. Something similar to patheos.com/blogs/graceismessy would still be fine (no affiliation, literally grabbed from the front page).

    The referrer would have 'moderating' privileges over their referral's blogs in order to help remove hateful / spam comments.

    For the blog posts, comments should be able to come from forum accounts or public (like facebook).

    Groups -- in addition to the initial group categorizing sorting on signup, there also need to be groups that members can join. For instance, California Pay-Per-Click Affiliates.

    I think there is an addon that allows the forum to sell access to a hidden forum?
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  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    This sounds like something you can do with custom fields and user group promotions, though I don't fully understand the use case. You can force custom fields to be displayed during registration, and then use a User Group Promotion to promote those users automatically based on the custom field value.

    There's no such feature built in, and it's not functionality I'm familiar with from an add-on. There are referral / invite add-ons but I've never seen one that can be used to adjust a referral's access. Therefore this would likely require you to find a developer to develop this functionality for you.

    All I know is that there is a few blog add-ons but I'm not sure if they work the way you want.

    You can already do this without add-ons. It's called User Upgrades. This allows a user to permanently or temporarily purchase access to an additional usergroup (which can be configured to allow access to a hidden forum) for a one off fee or a recurring subscription fee.
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  3. Nat47

    Nat47 New Member

    Thanks for your responses! I'm stupid and I posted my OP and then realized I forgot a few details, so I was editing the OP after you had already quoted me but not yet responded, so there are a few things you weren't able to see, my bad :cry:

    Do you have any idea how much an add-on would cost that allows this? I'm really trying to build an educational website where the referrer is like a teacher and the referrals are like students. On sign-up the students need to be labeled as students and the reffers as teachers. Then once joined the teacher gets to sort of limit the forums the student sees when logged in. So, the pay-per-click teachers may want to make sure their students are distracted by seo threads that keep showing up. But, all the threads need to be public just so non members can read. I also want the students creating blogs and posting stuff with their teacher being able to moderate the comments etc.

    I've looked at IPB and while I don't really like that platform as much, their blog and pages seem really nice.
  4. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

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