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Ideas on how I might do this, or add-ons that might help? - Member Inventory / Showcase


Active member
I am wondering how I might go about accomplishing this, if I can think of a creative way with the resource manager or an existing add on or profile fields.. or something.

Basically, we have a firearm site and I thought it would be real cool to be able to let members have a "vault" or whatever where they can showcase everything they have. Each firearm would get its own page or section where they can tell whatever about it and post pictures. Maybe also be able to keep track of their ammo stockpile, date it, etc.

Then, I thought it might be cool to be able to make it searchable on fields or taggable - so someone could say, see who all owns a 1911, or who all owns a 10mm firearm - etc. Browse all the .308s or something. You get my drift.

This seems pretty out there for out of the box or current add-ons. I suppose I might need to try to hire someone to build it. Though, that said, this would be a pretty sweet add-on or built in solution for many topics, not just ours.

I guess:

1. Could use forums themselves. Let each member have their own subforum and let them create threads for each thing. Though this seems less fun.

2. Use the resource section. Doable but also less fun. (Actually looking through it now it seems more customizable than easily imagined.)

3. Could use the current photo gallery add-on I'm using but it's pretty buggy and since it wouldn't be FOR that purpose and locked to it, it would be scattered and not real ideal.

Any thoughts? I dunno I guess I'm just open to whatever thoughts anyone might have. I don't post here enough so figured why not. :)