I want to buy xenForo, before that I need these features


I found xenForo is very neat. For one of my recent project I need some customization on xenForo. The site is more like social community rather than just a forum. Here are the requirements:
  1. Homepage will include some blocks, like top authors, top posts, recent threads, recent blog posts etc.
  2. There should be a blog where users can submit articles.
  3. There should be a group page, and user can create or join in groups.
  4. FAQ or Knowledge base system.
vBulletin have all these features, but its old and I don't like it much. I want to implement all these on xenForo.

Looking for the reply. Thanks!


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All of them should exist as addons already. Not terribly familiar with the last 3 but I have seen some plugins for them.

Number 1 will get a couple of solutions as responses. I personally own XenPorta 2 and its widget system extends beyond just the portal page but into the entire software as a whole. You may need some custom blocks made but this is going to cover anything imaginable in that respect. There is a widget system by xfrocks as well and there are other front page solutions that lend to certain types of sites very well but others not so much.