I want to buy XenForo But ?


Hello guy,
I really like XenForo but my issues with the Arabic language !!
I didn't find the The correct translation all what i saw is good but not perfect and i know you guys have nothing to do with this , so i will try to find some one can help me with it ,
also the RLT for the Forums , because the Arabic language start from right to left and how can i do it.
I am not sure if you guys understand me


Translations can often be a personal matter of taste. You are welcome to create your own - http://xenforo.com/community/threads/how-to-create-a-language-pack.15983/#post-210052 or modify the existing translation. Many community members will happily help.

I am also sure that you have seen that RTL is supported in 1.1.0 -
I will do my best to find the right translation and share it here ,

but for the RTL can you tell me how can we do that !!