Not a bug Quick Insert '+' button does not work on Android phone (Chrome)

Affected version
XF 2.2


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The new Quick Insert menu does not open on my Android-based phone. When clicking the QI '+' button, the button just disappears.

Browser: Samsung Internet Browser 11 (Chrome 75)
OS: Android 9

A couple of other XenForo users have flagged this issue in the Welcome to XF 2.2 HYS thread:
Is the Quick Insert button able to be disabled?

Clicking on it does nothing (android/chome)
I was wondering the same thing because the quick insert button doesn't work in mobile Chrome. A bug perhaps?


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Same here. The button doesn't do anything when I click on it.

Nokia 8.1 with Android 10 and Chrome browser.


Idem, the button disappears and the keyboard does the same because the editor looses the focus.

Honor 10 - Android 9 - Chrome 83


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Swiping right does seem to activate the QI menu, interesting. Another method that seems to (sometimes?) work is to:
  1. Type one or two random characters
  2. Erase those random characters
  3. Tap QI '+' button


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I think it's worked one time for me on my phone, must've been a fluke. 🤣

On desktop it's an... interesting... UX design choice, on mobile it's something that's going to lead to user complaints & questions from our users to the point that it'll be easier to just disable it instead of dealing with it.


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I only knew you could swipe it open from this post. I tried to click on a phone and it dismissed it. It is not intuitive.


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right. i am not even sure if swiping is the designed behavior. now i think it is... i only have access to android devices so not sure how it behaves on ios browsers.

personally, i see a lot of value in the floating toolbar on desktops. while writing long posts, it let you access the major formatting components where your cursor is. on mobile, i am not so sure. though i guess floating toolbar made sense if xenforo editor had a (distraction free) fullscreen mode like CMS systems. that functionality does make sense considering we would have article threads in 2.2.

Chris D

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We fixed it! By removing it.

Quick insert is no more.

Pay your respects here:

Joe Link

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We fixed it! By removing it.

Quick insert is no more.

Pay your respects here:

@Chris D

You guys should remove this post, or at least edit to note the change. Many of us are just now digging into this new stuff as we're getting closer to a stable release. I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out why it's not working :ROFLMAO:


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Definitely agree. Don't advertise a HYS feature that no longer exists. Warnings about content changing doesn't apply to those who wish to ignore ;D