Not planned XF 2.2 Please put the quick insert button (+) into the toolbar


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I think it will be better to put the quick insert button (+) into the toolbar. If we want to use a tool to create rich content, we should only be looking at the toolbar to select the correct tool. Also the current method of having the button appear inline on every new line is distracting and I think will get old very quick. Also on smaller screens having it float in the middle of the editor looks really bad.

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Look fine on my desktop, but immediately annoying on mobile. I'm already struggling to get people on my forum to leave Tapatalk, this giant + bubble won't help.
There’s an easy way to get people to leave Tapatalk. Make an announcement that it will be turned off as of X date. Then turn it off as of that date.

You will have given people plenty of warning. And they can test out the mobile capabilities of XF. I had a couple people who whined, but after I turned it off not a peep. My membership is up 20% since.

best thing you can do is get rid of that bug and sleaze-infested Tapatalk crapware.