Implemented Please put the Quote button back as a stand alone button in the editor toolbar

Tracy Perry

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Bah.. mobile styles.... let's just pretend they don't exist - they're more annoying than anything else ;)

Seriously though... I'm less likely to use Undo/Redo and Use BB Code Editor buttons, than I am to use the ones in the Insert button..... I vote for lumping those ones together and freeing the others.

Free Quote and Code buttons, I say! :D
Same here.. I very rarely use the table(s) or indent/outdent. Those would have made more sense to be in a drop down together IMHO.


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+1 for a separate quote button. I think sometimes when coders code they forget that newbies also have to use the software, and that they need to not fix what's not broken. After all, forums are supposed to be about communication, and anything that keeps it direct and simple is most welcome.


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Yup. One of the few annoyances in XF I noticed after migrating from IPB this week. I use Quote more than any other button on the toolbar. I mean even keyboard shortcuts would have been nice (I am still looking for creating a link).


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I will say +1 for a quote button. I don't have a problem finding it and using it, but I could see where others that are use to other forums may.


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The problem is the average forum user will not find the hidden Quote button and resort to other methods of highlighting quoted text. They resort to using bold, italics or using the quote character, all these make the post very difficult to read. In addition when the Quote button is not used, when a post is replied to the quoted text becomes part of the quote in the new post and it becomes very confusing what has been quoted and what is the authors own words.
And to add to this, not all quoted text comes from the site itself. We quote parts of articles quite frequently and having the quote button out front would be very useful.

You can easily rectify that by creating a thread and showing how so and so features work. :)
We're going to have to do that with several features after our migration this weekend.


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I'd prefer if all the buttons were placed individually instead of in drop-down menus. There is definitely enough room but the only thing holding it back is that it has to work on mobile too. It's one of the disadvantages of having a responsive theme.

The align buttons should also be opened up. The only drop-down choices there should be is for changing colour, font and size of text. I'd also put the undo and redo buttons to the right of the screen.


Hidden Quote button creates a bad user experience, on many forums users often quote copy-pasted text from other sites. If there is limited space for buttons, we should show the Quote button and hide the rarely used Outdent/Indent buttons.


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Quoting text is a very often and important function in communicating on a forum. Placing the quote button under a drop down was a bad idea IMHO. Please put the Quote button back as a stand alone button which can be easily seen and clicked.

Thank you.

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