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Hello Xenofro,

I looked everywhere and I cannot find an answer for this specific question and I searched the manual. It might've been called something else but I cannot for the life of me find it. I've been looking at your forum software and one thing I noticed is this:

1.) You have to unapprove a post to hide them from public.
2.) It goes through moderation queue.

My question is, Is there a way to hide a post made by a member without being added to moderation queue? A case scenario is as follows:

Two users are discussing OK. One of them explodes and derails the thread to name-calling. I want to hide that ONE post and reference it later if we should decide to warn or ban a user after repeated offenses on separate occasions. Or just let us remember that hey, this user done something bad before, I think it was in this topic.

However, I cannot see this function at all. Does it exist?

Also since I can't edit my title, I also want to ask, is it possible to hide a topic instead of unapproving them?

Thank you for your time :)
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I'd probably just use the warning system for this and soft deleting the post.

The warning system allows you to issue points and you can configure it so after a certain number of points, actions can happen such as being banned or having their account restricted.

However, it's possible to issue 0 point warnings. These are quite useful to put down as a record for something a user has done that might not necessarily be worthy of direct action, but worth bearing in mind for the future.

The user doesn't have to know they've been given a warning, and at the same time as issuing the warning you can soft delete the offending content. The warning will remain on their account until it expires (if it expires) and it can be seen on their profile under the Warnings tab.

Same thing with threads, but soft deleting the first post of a thread will soft delete the entire thread.