XF 2.2 Using whats-new/posts/ instead of whats-new/


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I'd like to use whats-new/posts/ link instead of whats-new/ on header's What's New button. I tried to change it from Public Navigation, but nothing's changed.

I want to show all the posts on what's new section, not only the messages from last session. How can I do this?

Thank you. :)
Changing the navigation entry will only change the tab in the nav menu.

If you also want to change the sub menu, you will need to edit the whats_new_wrapper template.
Thanks to Mr. @AndyB, I just solved it with replacing new posts to what's new menu elements. I completely disabled What's New section. :)
Would you mind elaborating on that a little, if you have the time? I'm trying to get rid of What's New too.

Or at least replace the link of the lightning icon to new posts rather that what's new.
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Has the "lightning bolt" been removed on XF v2.2.11.

It appears on my mobile styles but nothing on PC STYLES, I can't recall turning it off but maybe lol
You can have the bolt there all the time and have it go to new posts with this add-on:
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