Questions about Flat Design

Enguerran A

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Hello people :)

I'm updating my board to make it flat everywhere but, during the process, I made things which I think are nice but I don't know if I can still consider them as belonging to this flat movement. Also, I would like you to tell me how would you enhance this block (if you find it's not nice)

As you can see, no border at the left and right, no color, just a gradient (from #eee to #fff) and of course some shadows at the bottom of the block. (For those who wants to know, it's a custom RecentNews block from XenPorta :))


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It doesn't look flat design to me due to the gradient but I think it looks nice though.

I think if I could make one suggestion, consider your text alignment. When the title is on one line it looks left-aligned, but when you have a double line, it looks center. I'd probably pull it all to be left aligned with a decent gap between the date and the text. This should make it look a little neater though you may need to look at your line spacing a little if words are too close. To me the last three lines look nice and clear compared to the double-line ones above it.

Obviously I can't see the rest of the block, so it may all be center-aligned and my comments may make it look rather crappy so it's just a suggestion.