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I currently have a phpBB support forum for my software and I'm tired of managing its infrastructure, so the managed XenForo Cloud seems like a good solution. The problem is that I have a few requirements that I haven't been able to verify XenForo Cloud supports:

1. I want to able to approve all user signups on the forum. Mine is a support forum and I only want people who have purchased my programs to be able to use it. In phpBB, I set it as "admin approve" on signups and get email when a new user has signed up. I have a script I run locally that grabs the new user email and looks up their email address in my local database to see if they should be approved. Does XenForo Cloud have an "admin approve" function that lets me know when a new user has signed up? I think the XenForo REST API would let me handle approving them automatically.

2. Does XenForo Cloud support importing a phpBB 3.0.14 database of users and posts? I want this to be as seamless as possible. It looks like there would be a charge for the import. Please let me know in a private message what that would be (I can give details privately about my existing forum).


Thanks for your interest in XenForo Cloud!

1. Yes the software supports admin approval for all registrations along with a swathe of anti spam stuff generally though hopefully that will be less of a requirement for you if manually approving. You’re right the REST API is a good fit for this.

2. We can handle the import for you as a fully managed service with an additional cost. Just Contact us and we’ll assess your needs and let you know the cost for that.
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