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Chris D

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Just to be clear for everyone, because the original poster doesn't seem to understand.

XenForo puts ALL news feed items in the Postings tab.

This includes news feed items added by add-ons. This includes anything posted in the Resource Manager, Gallery add-on, Blog add-on.

What the OP seems to be failing to grasp is that the content there is privacy and permissions aware. He's saying "This is ****, because now everyone can see all pictures". This isn't the case because as I have already stated many times you can only view stuff if you have permission to do so.

I will continue discussing this at the forums on my site, so this can be closed.

To be clear: I didn't ask anyone to post here. I simply said that it was a XenForo behaviour the way that non-posts appear in the Postings tab.
Not open for further replies.