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Hello Community,

I'm a experienced developer who loves programming and working with web.

Here's what i'm able to do :

- Forum Migration (Switching Your Old Community to Xenforo)
- Design Modification
- Forum Install & Setup
- Extend an existing Addon
- Custom Addon Development
- Convert WP to XenForo

If you're interested feel free to send me a pm or reply here.

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I recently hired @ugurkn to port my forum from UBB Threads to xenForo. He gave me a fair price and then completed the work quickly and expertly. ugurkn's work was excellent and he communicated with me throughout the project, responding to my questions and addressing my concerns. After the project was done, ugurkn continued to make himself available to help with any lingering issues.

I highly recommend ugurkn and plan to work with him in the future.


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I also can convert xenforo to wordpress <- wordpress to xenforo.
Question2Answer to XenForo <- Xenforo to Question2answer.


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agree, he started talking to me after being interested in some work and then never got back to me. Time waster

I didn't reply back, because i was not available.
I don't have unlimitied time, and don't request you to make a payment.
So it's really no time waste.
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