Premium Xenforo Skins?


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My favorite part of UI.X is the installer that nags you to upgrade it every other week.. And once you purchase UI.X if you intend to keep your XF software UTD you will be forced to keep renewing UI.X since its version specific to XF's version... Not to mention the installer is simply an extra and unnecessary step that is required to be UTD or it nags you endlessly in the ACP. I guess im just not to fond of developers that do things different just for the sake of being different even if it has little practical purpose. With that being said their themes are nice and work pretty good. tons of features for the money extremely customizable and fun to custom style.the guys seems friendly enough.. I just cant get past that stupid installer and the fact that Theme House now has so many purchased products in the Resource Manager that updates seem to come slower and slower every year...
If you purchase the license to a skin, can the person who sold you the skin restrict what you are allowed to have in your website? Morality aside, I paid money for something.