Other [PAID] Need Dev for Massive Community Project (Skins and Add-Ons/Mods)

Edit: I have been quoted for this project and it runs from $14,000 to $21,000. But still working on getting a cleaner design document to get a a more accurate quote. I'll have a design document done sometime today or tomorrow.

Not sure if this is the right spot for this but I need help finding a developer. Someone who can make a custom skin(s) and addons/mods. This is a rather large project that would probably take 2-3months to complete. We do run a small community right now on vB 4.2.x and I love it. But it’s time to think the future. The last month I have been doing a lot of research and looks like I’m landing on XenForo. The project we are about to launch as I mentioned is going require a lot of moving parts. I have wireframes/blueprints for all of it. Looking for someone who is willing to think outside the box and create new ideas as we move forward. Our old vBulletin Dev has quoted us what it would take to make this project on vBulletin including a mobile friendly design also. He quoted it at around 2-3 months to complete if he just worked on it. This included plenty of testing stages where we bring in some of our community to test features.

I tried googling XenForo Developers but couldn’t come up with anyone. So hopefully someone here see's this or can point me towards someone who can take on this project.

Those that are interested we can set up some meetings with the other owner of the project and discuss pricing and what the project entails. Really excited for this!

I know this is a rather large project and will cost quite a bit. So finding someone who can tackle this project with the proper skills is huge for us.

Start date would probably be Feb 2016 sometime. But i have no timeline/deadline
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If you are looking for someone on the add-on developer part we can work for you, contact me by PM if interested.