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Post Macros 4.3.2

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ok but, in this way all the staff will access to them, or can I bind specific usergroups to specific groups macros?

Liam W

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Admin macros are defined in the AdminCP and you can choose user groups to use them.

Staff macros are created by users, with a staff macro flag. Users with permission to use staff macros can use these.



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but the prefix will be applied when the thread is posted if the prefix is assigned to the forum the thread is in/being created in.
We're using the add-on to post replies, not threads. So users report bugs and according to the posted macro, the prefix should be changed (to "fixed", "not a bug" and so on). Of course the prefixes are assigned, cuz we're in need of setting them separately at the moment.

When you say not sorted, do you mean the embedded mode is not adhering to the admin macro display orders?


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I would like to create a whole set of new threads with predefined content + titles and make all of them sticky.

Is that possible with this add-on? Or is this mostly/only for creating predefined replies?

(We have the same 4-5 sticky threads for each forum, so having an easy way to create them would be swell).

Stuart Wright

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@Liam W could you please edit the description or the FAQ of this addon to explain how to set it up?
Because I've installed it, set admin to be able to set up staff macros, but I don't see anywhere in the user profile etc. to be able to do it.
Also what are the opt in/out options and Opt In/Out Views text box for? Needs an explanation. Thanks



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Seems like this is now unmaintained... Bummer. Anyone knows of a good alternative?

With all of those settings to "Allow", the prefix gets changed when posting a macro. With the following settings, the macro remains unchanged:


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@Liam W in the resource description there's this:
"This add-on is no longer available for purchase. It has been released under the MIT License. Source code will be released to Github in the next few days."

will it be released on GitHub or is an old "news"


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I know now is open source, but "lock" option don't work, and titles in conversation don't work, anyone can fix this?