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Post breathtaking pictures!


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I have a thread going on my forums and I thought it would be nice to create such thread here as well...

Only post High Quality images!
Please 3 images per post, this will help avoid page spams and quicker page loading!


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Quality isn't the best on the best, but not exactly easy to take without a tripod and the necessary high zoom


Sunset somewhere in the mediterrean sea, taken from aboard a cruise ship


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From my recent vacation to the Gulf Coast. Hard to tell from a crudy cell phone camera, but it was a breathtaking sunrise that morning.



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Here are some I like - the island we are on (RI) is emerald green due to microclimates - sometimes it's so green it almost hurts the eyes! I think all of you from the UK, Ireland, etc. can relate.

This is a sunset on our bay from my rowboat - not enhanced, those were the actual colors

And here is a gulf coast sunset in florida - another pic that is not hardly enhanced


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The site were I get the pictures from , in my opinion, is the best site, ever(!), for wallpapers. I'm not sure a lot of people know of this site, I go often just to be amaze!


There... now the secret is out...:censored:
Excellent stuff and thanks for the link. (y) I now have a new backdrop but will post it here also since the image is really something else. (Below)

Cheers for that @IcEWoLF I'll be applying that one when I finished drooling over this one. :)