MG 2.2 Pictures pasted from private forums don't show in posts.


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I noticed that members can make Galleries private, but when they share images from it to a forum using the BBCodes, the picture doesn't show. This greatly limits the usefulness of the privacy function. If they paste the BBCode somewhere, then obviously they want that image to be seen outside the gallery?

Can we get a BB code that allows pictures from private galleries to be displayed where it's pasted regardless if the gallery is private or not? That way, users can use pictures on forums, but not display them in the gallery! (Pictures for signatures for example).
Thanks Paul

Yes I see that, but in a gallery I had on my old site, making the gallery private pretty much stopped people from seeing it and its contents, which is the same as this one and is the desired effect. But if you pasted an image using the BBcode from the old galley into a post, then the picture was public. This helps to hide the more "ugly" images such as images for signatures etc from cluttering the galley interface, but making the pictures useful elsewhere.

Can this be done in a future update?

Otherwise the pictures in a private gallery are dude and dead images and not usable anywhere else? I can't see the point?
This would create a huge security hole since all anyone would need to do create the codes with sequential id numbers in posting previews to see someone else's private photos.
To Paul

Just another point about the private gallery. When you choose to display photographs from the gallery just for members, which is much more useful, you can paste the code into a post and it is open to all members to see. All well and good. However, when a guest views the post, they see an ugly place-holder instead of an invisible picture - or perhaps a default image. Could this be improved a little?


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